RECAP: August 2017

Summer may be winding down, but the city council meetings are heating up! We saw multiple people lose their cool at their colleagues, plus a scene right out of the movie Footloose. And if you were living under a rock, August 15 was International City Hall Selfie Day–the Super Bowl of municipal governance. I curated the most creative city hall art and invited an expert to pick the winner!

We chronicled:

6 council meetings

In 6 states

With a combined population of


We saw

2 mayors publicly berate their council members

Every council member have a beef with somebody

10 of the best images from International City Hall Selfie Day

1 bar owner get booed in a room full of churchgoing Christians

4 podcast interviews including the undisputed queen of city council selfies and the dry-witted mayor

1 new episode featuring the capital of the Confederacy in our storytelling audio series

And we got all of this done because people such as these put their suits on the line to do a patriot’s duty:


Salem, Oregon city council


Goldsboro, North Carolina city council


Poulsbo, Washinigton city council


Council Bluffs, Iowa city council


Warren, Michigan city council


Rockledge, Florida city council