Podcast & Interviews

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Interview #64: Mobile, AL Council Member Levon Manzie (with podcast)

Interview #139: Homewood, AL Councilor Jennifer Andress (with podcast)



Interview #13: Anchorage, AK Assembly Chair Elvi Gray-Jackson (with podcast)

Interview #16: Homer, AK Mayor Beth Wythe (with podcast)

Interview #74: Juneau, AK Assembly Member Jesse Kiehl (with podcast)


Interview #20: Mesa, AZ PIO Kevin Christopher (with podcast)

Interview #50: Tucson, AZ Vice Mayor Regina Romero (with podcast)

Interview #107: Tempe, AZ Reporter Jerod MacDonald Evoy (with podcast)


Interview #17: Former San Francisco, CA Board of Supervisors President David Chiu (with podcast)

Interview #30: West Hollywood, CA Mayor Lauren Meister (with podcast)

Interview #37: San José, CA Councilmember Lan Diep (with podcast)

Interview #69: Daly City, CA City Manager Pat Martel (with podcast)

Interview #70: Mountain View, CA Councilmember Margaret Abe-Koga (with podcast)

Interview #75: Fresno, CA Councilmember Esmeralda Soria (with podcast)

Interview #89: Santa Ana, CA Mayor Pro Tem Michele Martinez (with podcast)

Interview #100: San Jose, CA Councilmember Dev Davis (with podcast)

Interview #105: Fremont, CA Councilmember Raj Salwan (with podcast)

Interview #106: Milpitas, CA Mayor Rich Tran (with podcast)

Interview #113: West Hollywood, CA Mayor Pro Tem John D’Amico (with podcast)

Interview #126: Coalinga, CA Council Member Adam Adkisson (with podcast)

Interview #135: Fullerton, CA Council Member Ahmad Zahra (with podcast)

Interview #140: Seaside, CA Council Member Jon Wizard (with podcast)



Interview #23: City Council Presenter Ashly Perez de Tejada (with podcast)

Interview #77: Westminster, CO Former Councilor Alberto Garcia (with podcast)

Interview #85: Aurora, CO Council Member Allison Hiltz (with podcast)

Interview #91: Littleton, CO Council Member Kyle Schlachter (with podcast)

Interview #101: Lakewood, CO Mayor Adam Paul (with podcast)

Interview #108: Thornton, CO Mayor Heidi Williams (with podcast)


Interview #93: Meriden, CT Councilor Miguel Castro (with podcast)


Interview #19: Orlando, FL Commissioner Regina Hill (with podcast)

Interview #34: Fort Lauderdale, FL City Manager Lee Feldman (with podcast)

Interview #29*: Miami, FL City Manager Daniel Alfonso (with podcast)

Interview #99: St. Petersburg, FL Council Member Darden Rice (with podcast)

Interview #117: Boynton Beach, FL Vice Mayor Christina Romelus (with podcast)


Interview #51: East Point, GA Council Member Alexander Gothard (with podcast)

Interview #80: Peachtree City, GA Mayor Vanessa Fleisch (with podcast)

Interview #94: McDonough, GA Councilwoman Sandra Vincent (with podcast)

Interview #111*: Doraville, GA Council Member Joseph Geierman (with podcast)


Interview #25: Former Honolulu, HI Councilman Charles Djou (with podcast)


Interview #55: Idaho Falls, ID Mayor Rebecca Casper (with podcast)

Interview #68: Boise, ID Council Member Lauren McLean (with podcast)

“A Higher Expectation”: The Council Meeting and the Confession (with podcast)



Interview #5: Galesburg, IL Reporter Marty Hobe

Interview #118: Decatur, IL Reporter Tom Lisi (with podcast)


Interview #3: Fort Wayne, IN Reporter Dave Gong

Interview #86: Indianapolis, IN Councilor Michael McQuillen (with podcast)

Interview #125: Bloomington, IN City Clerk Nicole Bolden (with podcast)


Interview #128: Dubuque, IA Council Member Luis Del Toro (with podcast)


Interview #60: Wichita, KS Mayor Jeff Longwell (with podcast)

Interview #104: Prairie Village, KS Council Member Tucker Poling (with podcast)


Interview #9: Paducah, KY Reporter Lauren Duncan

Interview #103: Louisville, KY Council President David James (with podcast)

Interview #134: Berea, KY Councilwoman Emily LaDouceur (with podcast)


Interview #14: Bangor, ME Councilor Joe Baldacci (with podcast)


Interview #1: Baltimore, MD Councilwoman Rikki Spector

Interview #40: Gaithersburg, MD Council Member Ryan Spiegel (with podcast)

Interview #127: Baltimore, MD Councilman Kristerfer Burnett (with podcast)

Interview #115*: Takoma Park, MD Mayor Kate Stewart (with podcast)


Interview #41: Detroit, MI Council Member Raquel Castañeda-López (with podcast)

Interview #96: Charlotte, MI Councilman Branden Dyer (with podcast)

Interview #120: Clawson, MI Councilmember Susan Moffitt (with podcast)

Interview #132: Troy, MI Mayor Pro Tem Ethan Baker (with podcast)


Interview #36: Edina, MN City Manager Scott Neal (with podcast)

Interview #47: Crystal, MN Council Member Nancy LaRoche (with podcast)

Interview #67: Duluth, MN Councilor Noah Hobbs (with podcast)

Interview #112: Minneapolis, MN Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins (with podcast)


Interview #22: Jackson, MS Councilman De’Keither Stamps (with podcast)


Interview #12: Jefferson City, MO Mayor Carrie Tergin

Interview #32: Lee’s Summit, MO Council Member Chris Moreno (with podcast)

Interview #62: Jefferson City, MO Mayor Carrie Tergin (with podcast)

Interview #102: Jefferson City, MO Mayor Carrie Tergin (with podcast)

Interview #124: Independence, MO Mayor Eileen Weir (with podcast)


Interview #27: North Las Vegas, NV City Clerk Catherine Raynor (with podcast)

New Hampshire

Interview #129: Portsmouth, NH Councilor Nancy Pearson (with podcast)

New Jersey

Interview #46: Paterson, NJ Councilman Andre Sayegh (with podcast)

Interview #130: Linden, NJ Councilwoman Rhashonna Cosby (with podcast)

New York

Interview #15: Rochester, NY Council Vice President Dana Miller (with podcast)

Interview #26: New York City, NY Council Member Helen Rosenthal (with podcast)

Interview #82: Syracuse, NY Councilor Khalid Bey (with podcast)

North Carolina

Interview #11: Asheville, NC Mayor Esther Manheimer

Interview #52: Raleigh, NC Councilor Corey Branch (with podcast)

Interview #88: Greensboro, NC Council Member Justin Outling (with podcast)

Interview #131: Durham, NC Council Member DeDreana Freeman (with podcast)


North Dakota

Interview #4: Minot, ND Alderman Miranda Schuler


Interview #2: Avon, OH City Council Clerk Ellen Young


Interview #90: Norman, OK Councilmember Breea Clark (with podcast)


Interview #6: Portland, OR Commissioner Amanda Fritz

Interview #95: Hillsboro, OR City Manager Michael Brown (with podcast)

Interview #98: Newport, OR Public Works Director Tim Gross (with podcast)


Interview #92: Lancaster, PA Councilwoman Janet Diaz (with podcast)

Interview #123: Philadelphia, PA Councilman Derek Green (with podcast)


South Carolina

Interview #59: Myrtle Beach, SC Councilman Randal Wallace (with podcast)

South Dakota

Interview #18: Hot Springs, SD City Administrator Nolan Schroeder (with podcast)


Interview #78: Nashville, TN Councilman Colby Sledge (with podcast)


Interview #33: Lewisville, TX Councilman TJ Gilmore (with podcast)

Special Feature! “A Very Texas Proposal”

Interview #79: Amarillo, TX Councilmember Elaine Hays (with podcast)

Interview #122: DeSoto, TX Councilwoman Candice Quarles (with podcast)


Interview #121: Salt Lake City, UT Council Member Charlie Luke (with podcast)



Interview #21: Burlington, VT Councilor Selene Colburn (with podcast)

Interview #110: Montpelier, VT Mayor Anne Watson (with podcast)


Interview #10: Hampton, VA City Council Clerk Katherine Glass

Interview #28: Alexandria, VA Councilman John Taylor Chapman (with podcast)

Interview #31: Richmond, VA Councilwoman Kristen Nye Larson (with podcast)

Interview #42: Danville, VA Councilman Lee Vogler (with podcast)

Interview #43: Martinsville, VA Council Member Jennifer Bowles (with podcast)

Interview #63: Williamsburg, VA Council Member Benny Zhang (with podcast)

Interview #76: Fairfax, VA Councilmember Jennifer Passey (with podcast)


Interview #44: Mercer Island, WA City Manager Julie Underwood (with podcast)

Interview #61: Spokane, WA Council Member Amber Waldref (with podcast)

Interview #87: Pullman, WA Councilmember C. Brandon Chapman (with podcast)

Interview #133: Bothell, WA Deputy Mayor Davina Duerr (with podcast)

West Virginia

Interview #24: Charleston, WV Councilman Andy Richardson (with podcast)


Interview #137: Madison, WI Alder Samba Baldeh (with podcast)



Interview #8: Riverton, WY City Administrator Steven Weaver

Interview #54: Cheyenne, WY Mayor Marian Orr (with podcast)


Interview #7: Toronto, ON Councilor Shelley Carroll

Interview #35: Thames Centre, ON Councilor Kelly Elliott (with podcast)

Interview #38: Edmonton, AB Councilor Bev Esslinger (with podcast)

Interview #39: Montreal, QC Councilor Mary Deros (with podcast)

Interview #66: Ottawa, ON Councilor Michael Qaqish (with podcast)

Interview #71: Port Moody, BC Mayor Mike Clay (with podcast)

Interview #72: Hamilton, ON Councilor Matthew Green (with podcast)

Interview #81: Middlesex Centre, ON Councilor Derek Silva (with podcast)

Interview #83: Grande Prairie, AB Councilor Dylan Bressey (with podcast)

Interview #84: Vancouver, BC Councilor Andrea Reimer (with podcast)

Interview #97: London, ON Councilor Virginia Ridley (with podcast)

Interview #109: Calgary, AB Councillor Jyoti Gondek (with podcast)

Interview #114: Toronto, ON Former Councillor Joe Mihevc (with podcast)

Interview #116: Richmond, BC Councillor Alexa Loo (with podcast)

Interview #119: Kingston, ON Councillor Mary Rita Holland (with podcast)

Interview #138: Saint John, NB Reporter Barbara Simpson (with podcast)


Interview #45: City of Sydney, NSW Councilor Christine Forster (with podcast)

Interview #53: Liverpool, NSW Councilor Charishma Kaliyanda (with podcast)


Interview #65: London, UK Assembly Chair Jennette Arnold, OBE (with podcast)

Interview #73: Bristol, UK Lord Mayor Lesley Alexander (with podcast)



Interview #48: Dublin, IE Councilor Ciarán Cuffe (with podcast)

Interview #56: Cork, IE Lord Mayor Tony Fitzgerald (with podcast)

New Zealand

Interview #57: Christchurch, NZ Mayor Lianne Dalziel (with podcast)


Interview #58: Edinburgh, SCT Councilor Susan Rae (with podcast)

Interview #136: Glasgow, SCT Councillor Eva Murray (with podcast)

South Africa

Interview #49: Johannesburg, ZA-GT Councilor Michael Sun (with podcast)