RECAP: December 2016

December may have been the slowest, darkest month of the year, but we at the Chronicles were rushing to meet our year-end council quotas! (Which we did, but my interns will NOT be getting any bonuses.)

We chronicled:

6 council meetings

In 6 states

With a combined population of

500,200 people

We saw

1 council member lose his temper

1,814 previous council meetings go unwatched by me

2 mayors in a Vulcan Mind Meld

Hundreds of tears at a farewell party

4 podcast interviews with 2 John Denver songs and 1 native Hawaiian tune

1 new installment of our storytelling project

And it all happened thanks to these titans of civil discourse:


Livonia, Michigan city council


Millbrae, California city council


Louisville, Kentucky metro council


Schenectady, New York city council


McHenry, Illinois city council


Beloit, Wisconsin city council