RECAP: December 2018

Deck the halls with council meetings! It was no surprise that in December, we heard our councils discuss Christmas decorations. But the good cheer was not everywhere: from the council that was cut in half by a higher power to a city commissioner who faced a room of enraged critics, December’s meetings were a study in how to keep your cool amid turmoil.

We chronicled:

3 council meetings

in 2 states

With a combined population of


We saw

5 families win a holiday decorating award

Tons of Christmas lights enjoying their last year by the lakefront

1 absent teacher from a council meeting field trip

4 podcast interviews, including the commissioner who faced down a “Trump rally” in council chambers and the councillor who was forced into a “hunger games”

11,000-square-foot homes hijack months of council meetings

And remember to thank these council members by leaving out a plate of milk and cookies should they come down the chimney:

citycouncil17 - copy

Clawson, Michigan city council


Cadillac, Michigan city council


Marion, Illinois city council