RECAP: July 2017

July is the most patriotic of all the months, but for city council meetings, that means complaints about fireworks. We saw our fair share of those, plus some verbal fireworks from mayors, citizens, and even one crime victim. Plus, it was Mayor’s Month on the podcast, so be sure to listen to our episodes featuring four mayors on three continents!

We chronicled:

7 council meetings

In 6 states and 2 countries

With a combined population of


We saw

1 vice mayor at a loss for words

All council members wearing official city-branded menswear

37 million people watch a heartwarming video

1 man beat out all the ladies for a cake and pie competition

5 podcast interviews for Mayor’s Month, including a mayor who used to be in Parliament and a mayor who ended a friendship at a council meeting

1 fresh installment of our storytelling audio series involving reptiles, horses, and holes

And the only reason we can laugh, cry, and scratch our heads at these council meetings is because of the diligence of these governmental go-getters:


Salt Lake City, Utah city council


Hardeeville, South Carolina city council


Rural City of Wangaratta, Victoria council


Granbury, Texas city council


Cleveland Heights, Ohio city council


Park City, Kansas city council


Aberdeen, South Dakota city council