RECAP: June 2017

The kids may be out of school and your co-workers might be on vacation, but The Chronicles has installed an extra cooling duct on our MeetingReviewer 3000 to keep cranking out premium city council content all summer long! (That modification cost $120,000, so look out for the GoFundMe.) In June, we were all over the map, bridging continents and languages like never before.

We chronicled:

6 council meetings

In 5 states and 1 province

With a combined population of


We saw

1 council meeting–my first–in français

Several citizens think their mayor was going to yell at them

6 council members put on shades

1 mayor mention the “Sleeping Dragon”

4 podcast interviews, including a council member getting tossed out of a meeting and a cameo by Satanists

1 new Midwestern installment of our storytelling audio series

And I need to say a big thank-you to the municipal foot soldiers who led the charge:


Dieppe, New Brunswick city council


Sioux Falls, South Dakota city council


Minnetonka, Minnesota city council


Auburn, Washington city council


Guthrie, Oklahoma city council


Saginaw, Michigan city council