RECAP: May-June 2018

We came off a hiatus in May and the city council meetings nationwide were ready for us! We saw cockroaches, baseball caps, and council members who the whole town seemed to beef with. Plus, we swung back into the podcast with excruciating tales of LGBT hostility and tongue-in-cheek promises of a snack-filled sleepover at city hall.

We chronicled:

5 council meetings

In 5 states

With a combined population of


We saw

1 councilwoman disappear in an explosion of sound

3,920 tons of salt come to town in time for the new margarita restaurant

2 side conversations from the mayor

4 podcast interviews, including the councilor who wanted to erase his coverage and the council member who was blamed for racial tensions

A whole lot of of agitated commenters

And while you are taking your vacation this summer, keep in mind these council meeting missionaries who are still showing up to work:


Corpus Christi, Texas city council


Brooklyn, Ohio city council


Columbia, South Carolina city council


Scranton, Pennsylvania city council


Fairfield, California city council