RECAP: November 2017

November was a month to give thanks: thank you to the passionate, knowledgeable, and sometimes goofy city council members who provided us with a healthy dose of policymaking–and a healthier dose of entertainment. As the leaves fell from the trees, we fell into the middle of some terrific meeting material.

We chronicled:

3 council meetings

In 3 states

With a combined population of


We saw

Two socks with a retiring councilman’s face on them

One mayor know his sines, cosines, and tangents

Two rounds of applause that made one employee uncomfortable

4 podcast interviews, including the lady who was “too sweet” to be a council member and the mayor whose council reenacted a 100-year-old meeting

1 former podcast guest give us a shout-out while honoring a city council legend

And I hope you’ll join me in sending positive vibes to the fine men and women who know when to hold ’em and know when to pass ’em (ordinances, that is):


Fort Morgan, Colorado city council


Loma Linda, California city council


Twinsburg, Ohio city council