RECAP: November 2018

This November, we were thankful to bear witness to an incredible array of city council meetings, each more intriguing than the last. From an awards ceremony in a large city to a heated back-and-forth in a tiny city, November’s council meetings welcomed international visitors and teenagers in to be honored. Then on the podcast, we covered councils from coast to coast, with one unexpectedly active one in the middle, too.

We chronicled:

4 council meetings

in 4 states

With a combined population of

1.8 million

We saw

3 young activists sneak in just under the deadline

A half-dozen international visitors give a council “jacket envy”

1 sassy commenter who knew city policy better than his mayor

3 podcast interviews, including the council member who stuck it to Donald Trump and the mayor who is completely fine skipping the Pledge of Allegiance

A 5-day weekend for all city employees

And please be sure to give thanks in your own way to everyone who came to city hall and got down to business for our observation:


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania city council


Temecula, California city council


Monroe, North Carolina city council


Beavercreek, Ohio city council