RECAP: October 2017

October was a time of spoooooookiness at our council meetings. Yes, I’m talking about people dressing up for Halloween, but also the nail-biting appearance of a near-dead rotary club in Michigan and the frightening specter of embezzlement in Arkansas. If you’re looking for campfire stories, stick a flashlight under your face and scare the kids with any of these reviews!

We chronicled:

6 council meetings

In 5 states

With a combined population of


We saw

Two cupcakeries compete for the mayor’s birthday treat

Several creative costumes on Halloween

The remaining 6 members of a rotary club on life support

1 man propose at a council meeting

3 podcast interviews, including the council member who was a Scottish dancer and the city manger who would take a bullet for her council

1 new storytelling episode featuring a high school robotics team and my invigorating visit to a Baptist church

And 100 percent of the credit goes to these folks who are on-call 24/7 to do the People’s Business:


Ogden, Utah city council


Springdale, Arkansas city council


Berkley, Michigan city council


Iowa City, Iowa city council


Maumelle, Arkansas city council


Madison, Wisconsin city council