RECAP: September 2017

It’s the start of the school year and the beginning of fall, but September was also a time of vastly dissimilar and exciting city council meetings. We heard music, saw acts of generosity, and followed the gripping saga of a mysterious client who turned down of millions of dollars. Plus, we visited a new country on the podcast–and let’s just say…blimey, I hope it made Her Majesty proud!

We chronicled:

6 council meetings

In 6 states

With a combined population of


We saw

A beautiful two-minute country music video

A dozen roses from a husband to his wife

36,000 gallons of water on an eye-popping water bill

1 shout-out in a real, live council meeting!

4 podcast interviews, including a knight who denies she’s a knight and the councilman whose first meeting had a town crier

1 new storytelling episode featuring our first trip outside the country to a land of butter tart battles and lawn bowling

And we accomplished this Herculean task because these crusaders for the common good promised to uphold the Constitution:


Fayetteville, North Carolina city council


Mobile, Alabama city council


Florence, Oregon city council


Anderson, South Carolina city council


Albert Lea, Minnesota city council


Whitefish, Montana city council