RECAP: March 2018

March is a curious month–a hybrid of winter and spring. Consequently, we saw some council meetings that were dark, mysterious, and brooding. Then there were others full of laughter, artwork, and special visitors. If you missed any of this yin-and-yang, you are in luck because HERE IT IS!

We chronicled:

3 council meetings

In 3 states

With a combined population of


We saw

1 mayor float the idea of active shooter training

2 utility boxes getting makeovers

12-year-old girls cause an uproar

4 podcast interviews, including the councilor with theories about blood sugar and the council member who moonlights as an art critic

2 mayors compete for their council’s affection

And whether you live there or not, send some intercontinental good vibes to these city hall superheroes:


Monona, Wisconsin city hall


Richfield, Minnesota city council


Pullman, Washington city council