RECAP: May 2017

May was the most international month yet at The Chronicles. We got our passport stamped in Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and even the warring tribal state of Ohio. Luckily, I only lost three interns to Dengue fever (we’re hiring, by the way). I am burning through Rosetta Stone so we can decode the council meetings in other faraway places, so stay tuned as we give Carmen Sandiego a run for her globetrotting money!

We chronicled:

8 council meetings

In 6 states and 2 countries

With a combined population of

1.8 million

We saw

1 councilor’s tearful announcement

A mysterious 11 o’clock ghost perplexing the council

2 feats of daring by one council member

Half a dozen teenage council members run a meeting

5 podcast interviews ranging from honoring Barack Obama in Ireland to a sudden death in Johannesburg

1 new installment–the best yet, I think–of our storytelling audio series

And we owe it all to these part-time patrons of civil discourse:


Estevan, Saskatchewan city council


Lynn, Massachusetts city council


North Little Rock, Arksansas city council


Madison, Indiana city council


Columbus, Ohio city council


Winston-Salem, North Carolina city council


Dublin, Ireland city council


Half Moon Bay, California city council