New Game Alert: City Cóuncil Go!

I am stoked to report that City Council Chronicles has partnered with the makers of Pokémon Go to create a fun new game: City Cóuncil Go!

Here’s how to play:

1. Search for city council members.

Walk around the perimeter of your city hall until you spot a city council member. Usually they are dressed nicely, carrying a latte in one hand and a folder of important documents in the other. When in doubt, consult a City Cóuncildex.


2. Capture the city council member.


(Sold separately)

3. Make them fight each other.


They may not want to do it at first, but with a little training and the right amount of food deprivation, those city council members will be dueling in no time.

4. Have them get interviewed by City Council Chronicles.


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