Year in Review: 2016-2017

City Council Chronicles is one year old this month–and we’re just starting to eat solid food! Also, we hit our one hundredth city council meeting review. Because numbers are fun, let’s share a few of our stats.

Of our 100 reviews,

30 were in the Midwest 🌽

18 were in the Northeast 🗽

18 were in the Southeast 🌳

18 were in the Southwest 🏜️

10 were in the Northwest ⛰️

6 were international 🌏

Editor’s picks

Here are my top five reviews, based solely on amusing screenshots:


1. #20: Chicago, IL 5/18/16


2. #88: Tega Cay, SC 2/21/17


3. #71: Beloit, WI 12/5/16


4. #38: Dover, DE 7/25/16


5. #77: Hutchinson, KS 1/3/17

We also did 44 interviews. Of those,

55% were women ♀️

45% were men ♂️


59% were council members

25% were city managers or clerks

9% were mayors

Editor’s picks

It’s difficult and basically arbitrary to pick which interviews were the best. But here are some stand-outs:

1. Interview #37: San José, CA Councilmember Lan Diep (with podcast)

2. Interview #29*: Miami, FL City Manager Daniel Alfonso (with podcast)

3. Interview #7: Toronto, ON Councilor Shelley Carroll

4. Interview #40: Gaithersburg, MD Council Member Ryan Spiegel (with podcast)

5. Interview #31: Richmond, VA Councilwoman Kristen Nye Larson (with podcast)

(Oh, and P.S.: There are THREE states in which we have not done a council meeting review or an interview. See if you can find them.)

Finally, we have posted our March Month in Review. Head on over for a “who’s-who” of municipal A-listers!



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